14 Handbag Essential Things That You Should Have In Your Bag

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Whether you are heading to your office or going to an event or just hanging out with family and friends. Your purse is a constant companion, and if you stock it right, with the necessary essentials you can avoid many embarrassing situations. For those who are always caught unprepared, there are some basic items that you can keep in your purse to make sure you are always prepared for any situation. From detangling your beautiful tresses, to fixing your makeup, to helping you avoid unnecessary embarrassment and grief. Here’s a list of 14 items you should always make sure you have in your purse.

1. A pack of tissues

essential things to have your bag

A small pack of tissues always comes in handy, no matter the situation. You can blot your lipstick or fix your foundation with it on the go. It’s also a great thing to have if you get emotional watching a movie as men rarely carry handkerchiefs these days , you can use it to maintain your personal hygiene, or clean up any food related accidents you have. If you have kids it’s sort of mandatory to have tissues on hand for the inevitable mess that is bound to happen when you are least prepared.

2. Vaseline

Vaseline can help you treat minor cuts on the go Vaseline is to women what a swiss army knife is to men. A little jar of Vaseline in you purse goes a long way, and has many benefits. You can remove eye makeup, prevent skin stains from nail polish or to add moisture to your skin. It can act lip balm, help prevent blisters and can function as an on the go anti-irritant or an ad-hoc lubricant. Young mothers can also use it while changing diapers to soothe diaper rash.

3. Hand Sanitiser

A man using a hand sanitizer

You can wash your hands with a sanitizer easily while travelling

Germs are a reality you can’t avoid when you are in public spaces such as public bathrooms or transit stations or simply taking a cab. There’s a high likelihood to come into contact with germs that can cause you to get sick or get a nasty infection. With a sanitizer in your bag, you will be able to eliminate 99.9% of the germs on your hands, without having to go to a restroom and find a sink and wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that is extremely effective in killing bacteria instantly, make sure you remember to use it before eating food or touching your face or eyes after coming in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

4. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

A bunch of hair pins

Bobby pins can help you hold your hair in place when needed

The funny thing about hair ties and bobby pins is, you never think about them until they are required. They have this funny tendency to disappear into the void especially when you need them the most, and irritatingly enough, they are pretty much impossible to find in an emergency. It makes sense then to make sure to keep some in your purse so they are always handy. Make sure to not just throw them in there, you are likely to prick your fingers or scratch up your mirrors or phone if you just drop them in the purse. The best way is to put them in a small plastic container that is either labelled or marked clearly so you can take them out when you need them.

5. A hair brush

A hair brush

Don’t forget to carry your favourite hair brush with you

Long hair and a windy day makes for some incredibly knotty and frizzy hair, when you are out and about you certainly don’t have no time to rush back to your apartment to detangle those knots. The solution is simple, keep a hair brush handy in your purse. Make sure to find one that’s small and suitable for your hair length and type and have a fabulous hair-day.

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6. Makeup Essentials

Makeup paraphernalia

Prepare yourself for any event in an instant by keeping makeup essentials in your bag

There are certain makeup staples such as a foundation, concealer, primer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, compact, brush, and lipstick that you should keep in your bag. Even if you use the best most waterproof makeup, you are bound to mess it up at some point. A good makeup kit will help you touch up your makeup and continue to look your best the whole day.

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7. Sunscreen

Lots of sunscreen lotions

A sunscreen prevents you from tanning

Sunscreen is an important item to be added to your bag. It plays a crucial role in protecting your skin from the sun rays and keeping your complexion even. According to experts, a sunscreen also protects against the harmful effects of premature ageing, so if you yearn for youthful, beautiful, radiant skin, keep it in your bag and apply when needed.

8. A spare pad or tampon

Pads and tampons

If you’re someone who menstruates, its better to keep a spare pad or tampon in your bag

If it’s that time of the month, put an extra pad or tampon in your bag otherwise when hormones go haywire, you may be left with nowhere to hide. A spare pad or tampon saves you from what could be otherwise an incredibly embarrassing situation. Also, it’s always good to have these sanitary items in your bag even when you’re not on periods because you get a chance to help a sister out, remember us girls have got to look out for each other.

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9. Breath Mints

Breath mints

Breath mints keep your mouth fresh and banish bad 


If you don’t want others to get a whiff of your bad breath, always! always! keep breath mints in your bag and eat them after consuming foods that may release an unpleasant odour. Next time when you are done with garlic-soaked pasta or onion flavoured chips, take one or two breath mints, trust me everyone will thank you for not subjecting them to garlic-breath or morning halitosis.

10. Deodorant

Different deodorants brands

Let your deodorant beat beat body odour in a jiffy. Don’t forget to place it in your bag

After your appearance the most important thing people commit to their memory is how you smell. That’s where a good deodorant comes in, just as important as breath mints, deodorants control your body odour and help you maintain a fresh and pleasant demeanour. Keep a deodorant in your purse and apply it as needed to get rid of any foul miasma that assails you. There are different types of deodorants that you can put in your bag. Gel, cream, powder, spray, roll-on – you name it, find one that works best for you and stay fresh and smell fresh throughout the day.

11. Manicure and Pedicure Tools

manicure sets

Stock your purse with cuticle nippers, lotion, nail buffer, foot files and callus removers to give yourself or others a relaxing massage of the hands and feet when you want. It will diminish your chances to develop many infections and blood circulation will also improve.

12. Earphones 

earphones should have in your bag

Whether you need the solitude, or you’re addicted to listening to tunes or ebooks on your morning commute. headphones can and will come in handy for you, so putting them in your purse is definitely a good idea.

13. Band aids

Band aids

Prepare yourself for emergency by keeping a stack of band aids in your bag

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. sticking a few bandages in your purse goes a long way. You really don’t want to leave any open wounds exposed to air for more than a few seconds at most without cleaning and bandaging them. Having a couple of band aids and a few alcohol swabs really helps out when needed.

14. Portable Phone Charger and/or Power Bank

things you should keep in your bag

Carry your phone charger and a fully charged power bank with you at all times. You don’t want to be caught with low battery in an emergency situation. Power Banks have become really portable nowadays and you can easily find one that’s compact and can charge your phone on the go whenever you need.  

We hope that we were able to help you find the right items for your bag. If you think there are other things that you should keep in your bag, besides the ones we mentioned in our list, do let us know in the comments section below. 


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