15 Simple Beauty Storage Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

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Having a Sephora makeup counter where the racks are showcasing the dozens of lipstick shades in glittery and matte style and in a well-organized manner, you need to follow some brilliant makeup organization hacks.

Although having a Sephora makeup counter looks like a novelty thing but once you follow the below genius makeup organization ideas you can have Sephora like makeup counter within no time.

Out of dozens of hacks look at my top picks that are 15 in number but can convert your makeup counter in a fancy cool shelf that every makeup addict will love to have.

1. Convert The Metal Sheet Into The Hanging Magnetic Makeup Board

Buy a metal sheet and wrap it with the fancy fabric to give an alluring look. Add magnets to the sheet and attach your eyeshades or small makeup kit with the magnet. Now hang it on a wall, you may get the metal sheet framed to give it a nicer look.

With the few simple and easy steps you can have a hanging magnetic makeup board that will save your makeup from mixing with each other.

Hanging Magnetic makeuo sheet - Makeup organizer hack

2. Divide You Draw Into Multiple Small Size Boxes

To avoid overlapping of makeup items use a divider and convert your large single box draw into multiple small size boxes. In this way, you can easily place your different makeup items separately into each box.

Makeup Draw Divided into multiple small size boxes

3. Use Aluminium Wall Shelves To Showcase Your Fancy Items

To make your makeup counter like the pro salons, use the aluminium or any other wall shelves and display your favourite items in it a nice way. You may place your perfume bottle, lipsticks or glittery lip gloss to make it look shiny.

Hanging wall shelves for makeup organization

4. Buy The 360-Degree Storage Shelves To Place Your Different Makeup Products

To make your counter look different from others, use the 360 storage shelves and fill it will your daily use makeup items. Due to its rotating feature, you can easily access your makeup items without any hassle.

360 degree storage shelves - best makeup organization hack

5. Convert Your Small Wax Jar Into A Glittery Brush Holder

Placing a shiny small size brush holder on your makeup shelf will not only add value to your counter but will also arrange your makeup brushes in proper order. You can use the shiner or glitter paper of your own choice on the wax jar to give an alluring look.

Convert wax jar into shiny makeup brush holder

6. Use The Fancy Glass Tray And Place Your Favourite Makeup Items

To place all your favourite makeup products collectively, use the antique glass tray and place it on your makeup counter. Add a small glass and makeup products that are in tube form like linear and lip gloss. You can also décor it with pearls and stones around the corners.

Antique style makeup tray to organize your makeup items

7. Use Metallic Boxes For Placing Your Nail Polishes

By having a metallic box you can get rid of the hurdle of finding your favourite colour nail polish. Place all your nail polish in a metallic box. It will not only make them organized but they will give an enchanting look to your shelf.

Metallic nail polish box

8. Convert Your Regular Home Cart Into A Makeup Cart

To place all your makeup items in one place, have a fancy small size makeup cart. You can place all your makeup items on it as it consists of two to three shelves. You may browse for the makeup cart that will have an attached mirror, to make your dressing area different from others.

Gold beauty makeup cart - makeup organization hack

9. Combine Same Shape Glass Plates In A Stand Shape

Glass stands with oval or round shape plates are one of the brilliant hacks to place your makeup products, each plate having different items. It will give an organized and cool look to your counter.

Glass plates stand for makeup

10. Use Wine Glass As Small Size Brush And Tube Lip Gloss Holders

Having a couple of wine glass on your dressing shelf can give it a luxurious look. Place two gold touch medium size wine glass and organized your brushes, eye pencils and linear in it.

wine glass for makeup items

11. Use Empty Jam Or Peanut Jars To Store Beauty Blender

Take empty jars from your home and clean it properly from the corners also. Now store your beauty blenders in it. You may take two jars, one with the unused and the other with the used blenders.

Jars for beauty blenders - makeup organization hacks

12. Wrap Your Empty Shoebox And Convert It Into Bangles Storage Box

Another genius hack to make your makeup area organized is to décor your empty shoebox and used it as a bangle storage box. You may make different racks in a shoebox and store your makeup essentials.

Shoe box as bangles box to organize jewelry and makeup

13. Use The Cutting Utensils Rack To Place Your Makeup Items And Straightener

One of the cheapest yet brilliant makeup organizer hack is to use the kitchen utensils rack to place your makeup items. You may décor it according to your own choice but it is the perfect way to store your items

Makeup organization hack - makeup tray

14. Combine Bamboo Sticks With A Rubber Band To Make It A Brush Holder

Combine bamboo sticks and convert it into a square shape medium size base where you can place your brushes. Use the elastic band to place the brushes on the bamboo rack.

Bamboo stick base for makeup brushes organization

15. Use The Magnetic Strip To Keep Your Pins And Other Such Things Organized

Paste the medium length (according to your requirement) magnetic tape on your dressing wall and attach hairpins with it. Finally, the hassle of finding the hairpins is no more. Moreover, it will give a distinct look to your makeup area.

Magnetic tape for magnetic pin holder - makeup organization hack

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