4 Of The Top Lipstick Colours For Now

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With the long summer bright days a bit of lipstick is the perfect way to look that extra special. Whether your wearing very little makeup in the daytime or going out out at night the perfect shade of lipstick can totally change the way you look making you summer ready.

We have chosen the best 4 colours that would make you look awesome. Just check them out below.

  1. Millennial PinkWhat used to be known as the pop up bubble pink, is now the favorite color of the millennials. It is slightly more toned down than its bubble gum counterpart. Millennial pink is a light shade, with all the blue notes extracted, leaving a cheeky, warm color.
  2. TealThe vivid ocean inspired shade which will stage your inner mermaid. Shocking blue lips might seem a little runway, but who doesn’t want to ramp up their style? For a funky and flirty look this blue number should be your top pick.
  3. Orange RedOrange is definitely the color of the season. This shade is somewhat softer than the classic red pout, it provides a more retro look. You can get the perfect orange pout with Dangerous from MAC cosmetics for just $17.
  4. Cherry RedNo season is complete without the classic red pout. The most important tip to perfect this look is to use a lip liner around the edges of your lips. The dazzling color will definitely make you stand out.


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