8 Makeup Hacks To Get That Glamorous Look For 2020

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If you are a makeup freak than you might have heard of the innovative makeup products. Every day a new makeup product is launched to provide a glamorous look. However, the procedure of applying those branded products remains the same.

Still, some of us are not the master to apply the correct eyeliner, contour, and highlighter. Even we lack the tricks to choose the right colour foundation that can make us look younger and prettier.

Therefore, we have rounded some best makeup hacks for 2020 that you must try to have a gorgeous look. You don’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours, just have a look at the below steps and you will be a PRO within no time.

Here we have covered the basics yet essential makeup hacks to make your life easier while looking beautiful.

1. How To Choose The Right Eyeshadow Colour

Gonne is the day when all the family members apply the same colour eyeshades at a wedding. The trick to choose the best eye shadow is to go with the colour of your eyes.

First, check the colour of your eyeball. It can be brown, blue, hazel and green. Now after knowing the colour of your eye, choose the eyeshadow according to it from the below guide.

2. How To Apply The Eyeshadow

Another blunder that we have all done while applying the eyeshades is to apply the same colour all over the eye. The professional way to apply eyeshades is to first apply primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and then highlighter. After this, blend it over the eye.

3. Lipstick Application Hack

Did you ever notice how many times you apply the lipstick in a day? But when did you apply the lipstick correctly last time? As a fact, applying the lipstick correctly is a matter of seconds.

Follow the below four steps and make the proper shape of your lips.

  • Firstly, apply the outline in the middle of the upper and lower lip
  • Secondly, make a full outline of both upper and lower lip
  • Third, apply the lipstick colour of your own choice on lips
  • Fourth, use the face powder and remove the lipstick lines that are out of your lips

lipstick application hack

4. Perfect Eyebrow Hack

Not all the people have thick and long eyebrows that make eyes charming. But now you can make your eyebrow long and thick by giving them a proper shape with an eye pencil.

Use the pencil colour that matches the colour of your hair. If you have brown hair, use brown colour eye pencils and if you have black hair then use a black eye colour pencil.

Step 1: Make an outline of the lower side of your eyebrow

Step 2: Make an outline of the upper side of your eyebrow

Step 3: Fill the eyebrow with the same colour eyebrow pencil

Step 4: Use the eyebrow brush and blend the colour properly

perfect eyebrow hack

5. How To Apply Concealer On Eyes

Concealer is one of the magical makeup product that can hide all the spots and dark circles of the face, especially around eyes.

To hide the dark circles, apply the dots of concealer under eyes and then blend it with a beauty blender or fingertips.

Another hack of concealer is, it’s being used to highlight and enhance the eyes near the corners of eyebrows. Apply a few dots of concealer below and above the corner of eyebrows to make them prominent.

6. Cheek Makeup Hack

This is the most needed hack that you must learn if you want to be a PRO. More than 50% of people apply blush on the cheek in the wrong direction, which only gives colour to their cheeks instead of giving their cheek a proper shape.

The best hack to apply cheek makeup is to apply the blush on the cheekbone and blend it in an upward direction instead of blending in round shape.

7. How To Choose The Right Colour Foundation

As the name says, makeup foundation is what makes the base of your makeup. Choosing and applying the right colour foundation can make your face shiny and glowy. On the other hand, choosing the wrong colour foundation will change the colour of your skin giving it black or greyish shade.

The hack of choosing the right colour foundation is to apply the foundation shade on your cheek or on your wrist and choose the colour that matches your face skin or wrist.

8. Contouring and Highlighting Hack

Contouring and highlighting the face properly is the trendiest hack. You might get confused while seeing the contouring and highlight guides but following the below image you can easily do the contouring and can highlight the certain points on the face.

9. How To Contour The Round Face

People with a round face can better define how difficult it is to contour the round face. But you might get surprised that the proper contouring can give a smart shape to your round face.

Just apply the contour and highlighter as applied in the image below in dotted form ad blend it properly with the makeup brush and beauty blender.

Try these makeup hacks now and get a glamorous look within no time. Check out these great  Makeup deals.

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