8 Ways To Style Your Old Outfit To A New Next Level Look With Belts

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Styling your wardrobe with tiny tweaks is always fun-loving. I also try different styling hacks to give myself a new and totally different look. For this, you don’t have to buy new fancy and big-budget clothes nor you have to hire a stylist, instead, you just need to try tiny fashion tweaks that will give a chic look to your old outfit.

To create a next-level stylish look firstly figure out that what suits you and what is trendy. However, it’s a daunting task and it may put you in a hassled state. Therefore, we are here to provide you with a next-level brand new look with your old wardrobe just by adding classic and elegant belts. Have a look at the below-scanned list of belts that will style your outfit amazingly.

1. Belt over a long coat

Long coats are always in fashion, especially in extremely cold weather season. But due to the same pattern, they sometimes do not look stylish. By adding a fancy belt with your long coat can give you a chic look. Gold Coin Chain Belt is the perfect fancy gold chain belt to wear on events and parties.

2. Floral dress with belt

Floral dress is the most trendy among teenagers. But wearing the same floral dress will make you tired. Therefore, give your floral outfit a new look with a simple and fancy style belt, depending on the event you are wearing.

For the daily routine outfit, wear AIMEE LEATHER BELT that is available in black and nude colour with a stone to make you looks fabulous.

3. Chunky sweaters

Wearing a chunky sweater is trendy in winters as it covers you and saves you from freezing because of cold weather. But be honest it does not give a stylish hot look as it has the wide waist and larger than your size. By adding an elegant belt over the chunky sweater can give you a stylish look along with giving a shape to your body.  Tan western belt over the chunky sweater will give a next-level look. It’s in a tan hue colour with a silver stone design to make you look elegant.

4. Maxi dress with chain belt

Maxi dresses are the best outfit to wear in formal and informal events. If you want to stand out among the ladies with your maxi dress than style it with a fancy elegant chain belt. Lands’ End Multi chain belt is in gold colour and can change your whole outfit with its spark and elegance.

5. Jeans and Top with belt

Wearing jeans is the most loving outfit by the girls. By wearing a simple belt with your jeans and shirt can stand you out among the other girls. Green Square Buckle Belt can be used with jeans and a shirt of all the colours as it is simple and still looks elegant. It’s available in the red colour also that looks best over the white top.

6. Skirts with chain belt

Skirt is an outfit that is not liked by all the youngsters but if you style it with a belt it can give you a stylish look. They are a trendy summer outfit that looks cool. To make it cooler, throw a belt over the waist and attract all the eyes. Chain Detail Boyfriend Belt is the one that goes well on all skirts. It’s black in colour with a chain that makes you look elegant and gives you an updated look.

7. Jumpsuit with ring belt

Jumpsuits are the best wardrobe piece that gives you the modern and updated look. But not all the people like to wear it as not all the people have the same fashion choice nor it suits on all the bodies. But if you are jumpsuit lover, give it a new look by wearing Blue Denim Wrap around Ring Belt. It’s a blue colour ring belt with a silver hook that goes with all the jumpsuits.

8. Short Jacket/Coat with Belt

Last but not the least old outfit that is going to give you the updated look with a little tweak is short jackets and coats. Short coats are liked by everyone but having a new coat with all your outfits is not possible. Therefore, wear your coat with every outfit by styling it differently. Add a belt over your coat around your waist and it will change the overall look of your coat. Dark Brown Faux Croc Mini Purse Belt is the one that goes well with all the short coats and jackets especially with blue jackets.

Now from the above belt outfits inspiration, you can style your wardrobe in plenty of ways and each outfit will give you the next updated look.


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