A Womens Guide To Buying Heels

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Women’s Guide to Heels

Only the ladies can understand the struggle and confusion to understand the types, styles and shapes of high heels for their perfect formal or casual look. If you are thinking about buying heels for yourself, you probably want to find the one that looks beautiful and feels comfortable at the same time. It is a known fact that higher the heel, higher are the chances for your feet to get sore. But, this fact is not totally true. As choosing the pair of heel with proper platform at the front may stop the discomfort irrespective of the height of the heel.

To help you find a perfect heel according to your height, body type and comfort level, we have come up with following tips and tricks. Before that, let’s have a look at some types of high heels.

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Types of Heels

There are different types and styles of heels that can transform your look by adding some extra inches to your height. Here are some of the popular types of heels that everyone loves.

Block Heel

Block heel as the name indicates has a chunky heel as compared to the stilettos. This type of shoes offer a more practical heel for everyday use. Because of even weight distribution and support, these heels are far more comfortable than a regular stiletto.

Kitten Heel

Kitten heels were introduced in 1950’s specifically for the teenagers as in those days, high heels were meant for the grown-ups. These heels are elegant, sophisticated and comfortable all at once. These heels are comfortable as compared to stilettos because of the height difference. Kitten heels are normally 1.5-1.75 inches high.

Stacked Heel

Stacked heels are another comfortable kind of heels which give an illusion that objects are stacked up to make a heel. These heels also provide even weight distribution on the heel area that makes them perfect for everyday use. Stacked heels also sometimes come in the form of a wedge or stiletto.

Stiletto Heel

Stilettos are by far the most popular but not necessarily comfortable type of heels. Stiletto is a thin and pointed heel that comes in a range of heights starting from 1 inch to 8 inches. If a stiletto has a heel less than 2 inches, it is called kitten heel. With higher stilettos, a front platform is also added that makes them a little easy to walk in without any discomfort to the feet.

Cone Heel

As the name indicates, cone heels are shaped just like an ice-cream cone. These heels are in triangular shape and can be flat on one side. Cone heels similar to block heels give extra support and even weight distribution and therefore are perfect to be worn all day.

Wedged Heel

Wedged heel shoes have a wedge instead of separate heels. These heels are easier to walk in and are a comfortable alternative for a high stiletto. These heels are chunky and are perfect to be worn with maxis, skirts and long dresses.

Platform Heel

Platform heels are not considered a heel type but they are a type of sole. To add extra support an height to your stiletto, you can get platform at the front. It makes a stiletto comfortable and easy to walk in for prolonged use.

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Heel Height Guide

In addition to the style of heels, the height of heels is another important thing that you need to keep in mind before you buy them.

2-Inch Heels

If you are on your feet all day, you should go for the kitten heels. These heels will be easy on your feet and will give you a stylish appearance all day long.

3-Inch Heels

3-Inch Heels are perfect for an elegant and sophisticated look and comfortable to wear in office and walk around all day.

4-Inch Heels

Heels higher than 3 inches are perfect for parties and evening wear. Heels with 4-inch height are not necessarily comfortable but look classy and are suitable to use for short periods.

Tips To Choose Heels According To Your Body Type

If you want to give an illusion of height, you should use shoes with pointed toes. It will make your legs look longer. Nude shoes can do the same

You should avoid ankle straps in case you have wide ankles or short legs.

If you have a wide foot, you should probably use shoes with round toes as they are comfortable and more suitable for wide feet.

Wearing Heels

Benefits of heels are only limited to beautifying your appearance. as they can sometimes be bad for your back  Heels make your legs appear longer and slimmer and add elegance to your look. Heels may boost your confidence as they add extra inches to your height. There are many reasons to choose heels over flat shoes but most importantly, most of us choose heels only for the fact that they are beautiful. So whatever the reason is for you to choose heels, make sure you go for the ones that are comfortable and friendly to your feet.

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