Check Out The 5 Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice

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Kick start your day by drinking the freshly squeezed orange juice which has not only got amazing health properties but also offers countless beauty benefits. The freshly prepared juice is more healthier when compared to the commercially available canned orange juices. The packed OJs are very unhealthy as they are heavily processed and contain additives which could damage your health in the long run. So, it is always better to prefer the age old method of squeezing the juice out of oranges and relishing its tangy taste for some great health and beauty benefits. This super drink is loaded with many nutritional benefits which works wonders for skin and hair by making you look younger and beautiful.

Take a look at the five amazing beauty benefits you can achieve by consuming a glass of freshly prepared OJ every day in the morning.


If you are concerned about the dull and lifeless looking skin even after trying many remedies then it’s time for you to try this miraculous drink. It’s a fine source of Vitamin C that helps to protect your skin from free radicals that develop due to excess sun exposure and pollution. It is considered as a natural remedy to treat sun burns and clogged pores. Drinking OJ will supply your body with the required amount of vitamin C per day, thus protecting your skin from free radical damage. It keeps your skin healthy and gives a radiant and glowing shine.

Anti-Aging Properties

Aging is the biggest concern for many women. Though we can’t completely stop it, we can surely delay the process of aging. The main cause for aging is due to the reduced collagen and antioxidants that makes your skin feel less firm and start to sag. The vitamin C present in this citrusy juice plays an essential role in production of collagen which helps in toning and firming the skin. It also contains good amount of antioxidants that fights off age related issues like wrinkles and fine lines.

Helps In Weight Loss

Many health gurus have stated that regular intake of fresh OJ will be helpful in cutting down those extra pounds which you are trying to get rid off. This citrusy juice is full of antioxidants that can efficiently reduce the bad cholesterol from the body and trim down your waistline. So, along with your exercise regime make sure to include this miraculous drink in your diet for a well toned and sexy bod.

Relieves Stress

Stress can take its toll on your health and it also shows up on your face by making it look tired and glowless. This juice will reduce the cellular oxidation or cellular rust from the body thereby reducing the stress levels. Lesser the levels of stress means a healthy and happy YOU, which will eventually reflect on your face by making it more radiant and shinier.

Stimulates Hair Growth

This tangy juice is very beneficial for all hair related issues. The essential nutrients in OJ will not only keep your hair well nourished and healthy but also strengthens the hair. Regular intake of OJ will promote hair growth because of the high concentration of vitamin C along with the bio-flavonoids. They also contain folic acid a type of vitamin B which is useful in prevention of hair loss and aids in hair growth.

Consume a glass of this citrus juice everyday to notice a remarkable change in your skin and hair.


Not only the pulp but the peel of the oranges are a powerhouse of benefits for skin. Make the sun dried orange peels into a powder. Apply it to your face which acts as a natural exfoliate. It also give a blemish free and radiant looking skin in a jiffy.

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