How You Can Contour Like A Kardashian

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Countouring has become an art form made famous by Kim Kardashian. If you are desperate to contour like a Kardashian, but having watched a dozen YouTube videos you still end up looking like an embarrassed, stripy zebra – never fear, help is here.  Contouring is, simply put, using lighter and darker shades to create shadows and highlights on your face.  Like a pair of control undies, it changes your shape, but shouldn’t announce that you’re getting artificial assistance!

Deals for Her has put together a very simple guide to contouring.  It’s aimed at beginners with no funny words like ‘strobing’ and no terrifying ‘required equipment’!  In simple words we tell you some easy tricks to define and accentuate your natural features, and enhance your profile.


Step by Step

  • Apply a base:
    Start with your usual foundation. Think of it as a primer to add your shades and highlights too.
  • Bring out your cheekbones:
    Suck your cheeks in and sweep bronzer into the hollow of your cheekbones, from the front towards your ears. Sweep upwards using light strokes.
  • Soften your profile:
    Lightly sweep bronzer onto your jawline to create a shadow and soften your profile.
  • Slim your nose

Smooth a little bronzing powder to each side of your nose to make it appear more defined and narrower.


  • How to highlight:
    We recommend a cream highlighter. To apply it properly, the rules are simple –always apply highlighterabove your bronzer and never let it come into contact with your powder.
  • Where to highlight:
    Think about where the sun would fall on your face. Start with the arch of your eye brow, then the centre line of your nose, and your forehead.A touch of highlighter in the corner of your eyes will help you look awake, with big wide eyes.
  • Final touches:
    Gently highlight the top of your cheekbones, and apply a light blush.

We told you it was easy!  Keep a look out for our other super easy ‘how to’ guides coming soon.

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