Remember Crayola Crayons? Well They Just Launched A Make Up Collection

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Crayola Launches 58-Piece Makeup Collection Comprising Of Colours Reaching Up to 98 Shades

As a child you probably know what Crayola is famous for, they have upgraded their crayons range and have recently launched the Crayola Beauty Collection. That’s right. Crayons for your face. Just like their broad range of coloured crayons bring joy to kids during this beauty collection of Crayola is mesmerizing the makeup geeks the same way.

Crayola Beauty collection consists of 58 pieces with all vegan ingredients and their prices ranging from £5 to £40. Starting from the face crayons to the mascaras and brushes they have introduced a complete range of everything you need for a perfect makeup look. The key feature of this makeup collection is the highly pigmented and broad range of colours that reaches up to a grand total of 95 shades.

They have kept the appearance and names of their beauty collection similar to their crayons such as Fuzzy Wuzzy, Outer Space, Tumbleweed etc. which makes them special and appealing at the same time.

Another interesting thing about this beauty collection is that it is meant for both men and women as their promotional campaigns show both genders wearing their makeup products.

In the past, Crayola has been involved in various beauty collaborations such as Nail Polish Collection with Sally Hansen, Lipsticks with Clinique and many more. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that these collaborations may have led to this fantastic introduction of Crayola’s Beauty Collection. If you haven’t already tried this makeup range from Crayola then you can purchase from eBay here.

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