Seven Hacks To Tackle Dry Skin This Winter

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We all know it’s nearly impossible to go through the winters without having to deal with dry and flaky skin. To help you ditch the dryness this winter, we have come up with following hacks. These amazing tips and tricks will make sure that your skin stays soft as silky throughout this season. So without further due, let’s have a look.

Cover Up Yourself

In a recent study, scientists have discovered that winters eat your skin’s moisture. Yes, that’s right. According to them, your body loses almost 25% of its moisture in winters. This automatically leads to drier and tighter skin. You can avoid this situation easily by covering up yourself properly in the winters. You can shield your skin by using protective clothing like gloves, scarfs and socks when going outdoors.

Make Use Of Humidifiers

As most of us use heaters in the winters to keep ourselves warm indoors. These heaters also feed on the moisture and can make your skin dry. In order to stay warm inside without losing the moisture, you should use a humidifier in your living area in your home. This will help refill the moisture in the air that was taken by your heating system.

Give Up Overly Hot Showers

Hot and steamy water baths are definitely tempting in the winters but this may be one of the factors contributing to your dry skin. Just as our mothers use hot water to wipe off the oils and grease in the kitchen, these hot showers wipe off the surface oils of the skin. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to use lukewarm water for showers instead of steaming hot water. You should limit the use of bath sponges or brushes as they may also contribute to the skin’s dryness.

Use Moisturisers

Regular moisturising is a key element to keep your skin soft and healthy in the winter season. You should go for the moisturisers rich in lactic acid or ammonium lactate as these ingredients contribute to locking the moisture within your skin. To get the best results, you should use these moisturisers within 5 minutes after the shower when your skin is still damp.

Replace The Soap

Soaps are one of the main factors contributing towards dryness. Especially the ones that promise exfoliation can be a cause for damaging your skin. Basically, soaps are emulsifiers that strip away the moisture in your skin. Therefore, it is better to avoid perfumed or alcoholic soaps this winter and replace them with soap-free cleansing products like Aqua nil and Cetaphil etc. which have added moisturisers in them.

Say No To Woollen Clothing

Wool is made up of scratchy fibre and can worsen the dry skin condition. As it causes itchiness to sensitive skin, therefore it can be uncomfortable as well as damaging to use woollen clothes in winters. So you can replace your woollen clothes with soft and smooth cotton fabrics that can keep your skin happy and healthy.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As we get less thirsty in winters as compared to the summer season, therefore most of us don’t drink enough water in cold weather. But our body keeps on losing water through the skin in all seasons. This imbalance can lead to dehydration and ultimately dryness. So stay hydrated and keep on consuming liquids to combat dryness and maintain a healthy skin condition.


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