This Makeup Artist Is So Good She Can Transform Herself By Just Using Makeup

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He Yuhong makeup artist

He Yuhong has a super power that you will not believe. She can transform herself into anyone by just using makeup. The 27-year-old makeup artist from southwest China uses creams, lipstick, foundations and other makeup to change into any celebrity.

It takes He Yuhong around 6 hours to totally transform herself and she has become so good that she has amassed over 20,000 followers and over 600,00 video views on YouTube.

mona lisa transformation

One of her more popular videos on YouTube has been her transformation into Mona Lisa.

mona lisa transformation

She is so dedicated to her art she has shaved her eyebrows.  “I wasn’t sure how internet users would feel about me trying to copy such a famous and beloved painting onto my face,” Yuhong told the South China Morning Post in 2018. “I prepared myself for criticism.” But she had not to worry as her Instagram and Youtube following just went crazy.

Johnny Depp transformation

And she is not limited to female celebrities. She can also transform herself into male stars when she feels like it.

Some of the male celebrity she can transform herself are Einstein, Ronaldo and Jonny Depp.

You can check out her full work at here Instagram page 

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