Top 11 Makeup Products on Amazon

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Without a doubt, the biggest online seller out there is Amazon. Millions of customers buy from them every month from washing powder to face powder. The popularity of a product can be easily checked on Amazon and that is why we have got together the “Top 11 Selling Beauty Products” on Amazon. And beleive us when we say you will be amazed at what number 1 on the list is.

11. Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray with Jojoba 150 ml – Pack of 2

On number 11, we have the best insect repellent oil that will be your must to have oil for summer. Avon oil will make your skin soft and will end all the impurities of the skin. Apply it on your face or the whole body after taking a shower and enjoy the fresh smooth lemon smell. This number 1 selling oil body spray is free from the toxic and unpleasant smell and suitable for all skin types.

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10. PREMIUM Retinol Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E

Brighten up your skin and get that glowing smooth skin with this top-selling makeup product. Retinol face serum is the all in one solution of your wrinkles, ageing, fine lines and sunburn. It is manufactured with all the best ingredients and free from any harmful substances that can harm the skin. All the skin types especially sensitive skin can use this ultimate face serum to make their skin look glow and young.

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9. Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen SPF 50 – high UVA protection

Altruist Sunscreen SPF 50 is made by a dermatologist that is engineered perfectly to avoid the harm caused by the sun rays. Add this best-selling sunscreen protector in your daily beauty routine and reduce the risk of skin cancer. To meet the high sun rays of hot summer, go with the advanced sunscreen SPF 50 by Dermatologist.

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8. Mylee 100% Pure Acetone 300ml Superior Quality Nail Polish Remover

Mylee pure and superior quality nail polish remover works like a charm and provides super-fast results. Due to its high working speed and positive results this nail polish remover has been recognized as the best-selling product on amazon. Either you want to remove gel nails, nail glue or nail tip, this Mylee charm will works for you and provide better results than the high salons.




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7. Hot Lips Kissing Fruit Lip Balm

On number 7, we have the best-selling and the girls most loving lip balm. Hot Lips Kissing Fruit Lip Balm is for all the lips that need a moisturizer to keep them hydrated. Apply a little portion of the lip balm on your lips and enjoy the whole day without any trouble.


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6. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 300 ml

To all the ladies who are worried about their dry skin and want the smooth glowing skin, this Aveeno Moisturizer is going to be your best companion. Add Aveeno moisturizer in your daily skincare beauty product and feel the difference only after 2 weeks of constant use. It will transform your dry patchy skin into soft glowing skin.

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5. Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational 01 Very Black

Maybelline Mascara has been listed on number 5 and is included in the top products of amazon. This mascara is perfect for the girls with small and light lashes who want to give volume to their lashes. It is pure black and will not only give volume to eyelashes but will give a longer lash look.

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4. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion 250ml

One of the top-selling tanning lotion to protect your skin and make it sunburn resistant. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator lotion is going to be the best beauty companion in summer. Use this top-selling tanning accelerator and not only protect your skin from sun rays but also reduce and eradicate the tanned and burned skin.

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3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge for the full cover foundation

On number 3, we have the most basic and essential makeup product that can transform your dry patchy skin into a smooth balance skin. We have Real Technique Makeup Sponge that blends the foundation on your face making it smooth to give a natural look.

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2. BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set Professional 16-Piece

Another essential and top-selling makeup accessory is Makeup Brush set (16 pieces) by BESTOPE. Having quality makeup brushes are necessary to blend the concealer, face powder, eyeshades, cheek makeup and above all for contouring. BESTOPE 16 piece makeup brush set is the all in one solution for all type of blending and contouring.

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Now it’s time to reveal the top-selling makeup product on amazon that is beyond your imagination. On number 1, we have

1. Paintbrush for walls

We already said that we had something very unique and different at number 1. Someone made a very big blunder while listing this product and put it in the wrong category. Instead of adding to paint brush DIY it has been added to paint brush beauty category. But lets not write it off until we try putting on some make up with it. Might make the job quicker.


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