Top 6 Super Foods That Will Give Your Skin That Natural Special Glow

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If you think the path to a great skin is laced with heavy-duty sunscreens, powerful serums, nourishing moisturisers and other lotions, then let us tell you that these are simply not enough. The key to a flawless looking skin is to focus on what goes into your bodies. What you eat always reflects on how the way your skin looks.

Consuming superfoods on a regular basis can do wonders to your skin inside-out. Eating a diet rich of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and good fats will help in cell renewal, maintaining good hydration levels and strengthening your skin’s barrier to give you a clear, glowing skin. Deals For Her suggests you to add a dose of these 6 skin superfoods to your plate for a healthy looking skin.

Let’s have a look at Top 6 Super foods to make your skin glow

  1. Avocado

Avocados are considered the best super food for fighting dry skin, ageing and lacklustre skin. It is jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins like A and E and healthy fats. They protect your skin cells against the damage caused by free radicals which is the major culprit of damaged skin and ageing. It helps to keep your skin firm and supple by maintaining the water content and elasticity. The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado helps to reduce redness, blemishes and irritation in sensitive skin. The mono-saturated fats in avocados keep your skin well-moisturised whereas vitamin E acts as an amazing nutrient for skin hydration.


2. Oily Fish

Feast on your favourite oily fish including salmon, sardines, mackerel and trout to add shine and softness to your complexion. The high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids majorly contribute to skin structure and its appearance. These healthy fats repair already damaged skin, minimise the clogged pores and avert fine lines and wrinkles. Oily fishes are rich in mineral selenium which protects your skin from sun rays and also minimise the collagen damage caused by UV rays. It keeps the cell membranes hydrated which makes your skin look healthy and beautiful.


3. Nuts & Seeds

Toss a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts over your salad, yogurt or dessert to slow down the appearance of saggy and wrinkled skin. They are replete with vitamin E, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids which slow down the process of ageing and improves your skin texture. Zinc, one of the most important minerals, plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and hair and also is a collagen simulator. These nuts and seeds are also be considered as waist-trimming foods.


4. Sweet Potatoes

The bright rich orange hue of sweet potatoes not only makes it look pretty on your platter, but it serves as an excellent source of nutrient rich vegetable that makes your skin look younger and more radiant. They are power-packed with beta carotene – an antioxidant that converts to vitamin A in the body that fights aging by preventing free radical damage to the cells caused by sun exposure. Deficiency of vitamin A can lead to dry, dull and lifeless skin and hair. Incorporating sweet potatoes in your diet can combat all your dry skin related issues, reduce oiliness of the skin and also treat acne.


5. Berries

Berries are loaded with nutrient rich building blocks such as antioxidants, carotids, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and Polyphemus. The antioxidants in berries prevent premature ageing of skin. The fatty acids present in berries improve skin’s hydration and lustre. For those whose skin is prone to acne, berries are an excellent source of food that can help you achieve blemish-free skin. Binge on these super delicious berries which include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to have a younger looking skin.


6. Dark Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth then this is for you. Dark chocolate is not only known as a brain booster and mood enhancer but eating one can prevent fine lines and wrinkles and keeps your skin young and beautiful. Flavonols in dark chocolate boosts the blood circulation and supply to the skin tissues, as a result making your skin look healthy and glowing. It replenishes dry skin by improving skin hydration. The next time when you treat yourself a dark chocolate you don’t have to feel a hint of guilt later.

Feed your body with the right fuel to achieve a radiantly clear skin.

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