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Welcome Good Hair Days With GHD’s Premium Stylers

Good Hair Day- that’s literally what it stands for! Revolutionizing the hair styling industry since being first introduced in the year 2001, GHD’s range of high quality stylers provide flawless, lasting results. Endorsed by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Madonna, and used by over 50,000 saloons worldwide, products from this classic hair styling chain almost never fail to impress.

Thanks to commonly available modern styling products, having camera-ready hair is not as unrealistic as it used to seem. Whether you have straight hair and have always wanted to try curls, or whether you’re trying to tame your curly locks, or even if you’re just looking to get rid of all the frizz- whatever your issue, GHD has a plethora of options from which you can select the best one that suits your needs. From soft curls to sleek, shiny hair to gorgeous updos and blowouts, you can have it all, thanks to the amazing array of styling products the company has to offer.

The brand offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products from hair dryers and straighteners to hairspray, brushes and accessories. Perfect hair is no longer a far-fetched dream.

The best thing about GHD- the discount deals! With the latest offers available and more being added each day, you can now get your hands on these premium products for a nominal price.

Pros and Cons Of Buying A GHD Product

One thing we know for sure is that GHD straighteners aren’t cheap, being mid-range at best. It is still a popular opinion that they are worth the added expense. Some speculations about the quality have also arisen since their products are being sourced from suppliers in China, and they have received some criticism regarding their durability and a few complaints about slow heating.

However, GHD has indeed kept most of its customers happy and has earned many loyal consumers from saloons to style-conscious ladies who continue to love their results. With their 30-minute shut down safety features and heat protecting features like the platinum series’ tri-zone system that distributes heat evenly over its surface to prevent scorching and damage, GHD products still continue to be a popular choice and a great investment in terms of a lasting styler.

For your perfect glam version with hair styling on point, GHD seems to be the best answer.

Choosing The Right Styler- What To Look For

There’s just so much that can go wrong with hair, from frizz to flat-looking hair that lack volume to just the usual plain bland look you might really wish to change. What’s more, cheap styling methods can cause further damage, increasing frizz and causing the much dreaded split-ends. In such a situation, investing in a good quality styler can be a wise choice, taking care of your hair worries. Speaking of stylers, GHD promises you a good hair day, every day!

Let’s talk shopping. A bit of research always comes first if you don’t want to risk wasting your money on an item that’s not its worth. When seeking the perfect styler for yourself, you should most importantly check out reviews from previous customers. Some constructive advice never hurts, and anyway, you should be cautious especially when it concerns your hair! Go with a product that has a good amount of 4 to 5 star reviews on shopping sites.

You should also check whether the styler you’re planning on buying has heat-protecting features to be sure that your hair won’t get damaged. Even worse, hair can sometimes end up getting scorched, mostly due to the use of poor quality items!

Safety features such as automatic shut down are an additional plus, as well as durability and warranty. Last but not the least, you need to decide if the product is well worth the amount you’ll be paying. In this case, go with your instinct and remember, paying a little more for better hair is never a bad idea if you can afford to.

With these points in check, you can never go wrong. Happy styling!

GHD’s Range Of Stylers

There’s lots to choose from when deciding to buy a professional GHD styler. With its original IV stylers, the ghd max/mini stylers, and the range of gold and platinum stylers, you need to select the best that gives you what you want and fits your budget.

As a common feature, GHD has all its stylers working at 185 degrees Celsius, the agreed optimal temperature for lasting styling results without hair damage.

The IV Stylers

GHD’s original IV Stylers are a classic product, with differences in cable length and plugging type (two pins US style or three-pin UK style) and the rest of the features being pretty much the same- round barrel, floating plates, automatic shut down, optimal styling temperature and universal voltage. With rave reviews on the internet and being the cheapest as far a GHD stylers go, the IV series seems to be an evergreen choice for everyday styles.

GHD Mini/Max Stylers

Suitable for all hair types, the mini styler range is better suited to hair of shorter length, while the GHD max stylers are for longer length hair. A bit pricier than the original stylers, the mini/max series is best used for versatile styles and flawless results.

GHD Gold Stylers

Offering an additional ‘dual zone technology’, with new generation sensors- one in each plate. If you’re in a habit of regularly styling your hair, GHD gold is your best bet since it’s the most suitable for frequent styling. With the GHD gold stylers, you can achieve the perfect sleek looking hair of your dreams. However, the price is a bit on the high end unless you’re lucky enough to spot some discount offers.

GHD Platinum Stylers

Have you ever dreamt of getting that healthy sheen in just a stroke? Even better than gold, the GHD platinum stylers offer the latest tri-zone technology, having three sensors in each plate for maintenance of the optimal heating temperature throughout its plates. The styler comes with a promise of making your hair 20% shinier and 50% stronger. Basically, the platinum comes with a guarantee that you’ll rock your locks with the most minimal effort!

With all the above said, you can always opt for a basic IV Styler if that’s just within your range, or if you are a perfectionist who likes to have the best of all, why not go for the platinum one? It’s time to glam up, after all!

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