Latest Sample & Freebies Giveaway

Latest Sample & Freebies Giveaway

Here at DealsForHer we search the web to bring you the best freebie deals out there. These deals are totally free and are provided by companies who want you to try out their products totally free. From free cosmetics, free perfumes, free lotions, free beauty products, free hair products and much more free stuff at no cost to you. There’s no better feeling than getting free stuff direct to your door at no cost.

Our team work with top brand names such as Nivea, Oil of Olay, Venus, Estee Lauder, Mac Cosmetics, Smash Box, Garnier, L’Oreal, Dove and many more premium brand names. These brands want you to try their products so that you can become a potential customer and buy their products. They may also want you to give your feedback on their products so that they can improve on them. To get your Freebie all you have to do is click on “Get Deal” and you will be directed to the companies website where you can enter your details or fill out a form so that they can send you your free deal. Its simple as that. Keep on checking our Freebies section regularly as we have new freebies to give away every week.

Who could ever give up on scoring some free goodies? In a world where nothing comes without a price, scooping up freebies is pretty exciting, especially when the collection to choose from is as incredible as the one we have here for you. Look no further, we have the most exciting free stuff just for you!

Why are they for free?
You are probably thinking why these fantastic products are being given out for free and looking for the catch. So let us begin by explaining that there is in fact, no catch and why it is a win-win situation for everyone.
By giving out sample products for free, companies are able to promote themselves in the market, and reach out to a wider audience who can familiarize themselves with new products. It is an extremely effective way for new and existing companies to introduce their brands to the public. This way, companies get more exposure and are able to gather a greater population of consumers. When people use these samples, they are more likely to like them enough to go into the market and purchase full-size versions when need be, hence increasing sales for the company.
Companies benefit from constructive feedback they get by sometimes asking users to fill out a survey in exchange for the freebies. It helps them make changes and improvements on their products. Sometimes, brands give out free products and ask the consumers to write a review on their social media channels. People generally appreciate a product when they see others enjoying it, so this medium allows the company to reap greater advantages and gain more customers.

What kind of freebies can I get? – Since you have come to the right place, where our team has gathered the most incredible range of freebies for you, there is a whole variety for you to choose from. That includes samples of Skincare products including moisturisers and facial oils, perfumes, cosmetics such as lipsticks and concealers personal hygiene products and lots more! Our dedicated team works day and night to keep adding fantastic deals for you to enjoy at absolutely no cost, so be sure to keep checking our website for regular updates! Are there any other ways for me to score freebies?
YES! While the best medium is obviously to keep checking our website and picking up some sweet freebies for yourself, there are quite a few more ways for you to keep enjoying great products at no cost. Here are some of the most popular methods for you: Through Your Social Media
Time to put all those Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to good use and no, not just with your selfies. In this day and age, every company uses an extensive marketing strategy to get word of their brands out on social media. It has, in fact, become vital for companies to interact with their target customers through their profiles on these online platforms. Use the following ways to earn yourself from great freebies:

Participate in giveaways
Many of these companies hence like to give out free stuff to attract more audience. These giveaways are conducted in different ways: by asking people to like and share their posts, inviting them to play interactive games or sometimes just by signing up on their websites in exchange for freebies. To make sure you never miss out on any of these, keep yourself updated with all their latest posts and content.
Approach them with feedback Moreover, if there is a specific brand or product that really has your eye, you could even take a step further and send them a message in their inbox, giving them your feedback. Take your chances, you might just be rewarded with some samples or a gift card for spreading that positive!
Explore Hashtags – Another effective way to score some great deals through your social media is by making good use of the wonderful trend of hashtags. Look up different tags such as #freebies #freethings #winfreestuff #freebiesuk to stay up to date on all the latest ongoing in the freebies market.

Become a Brand Ambassador – Companies these days are always on the hunt for some brand ambassadors. This position is usually advertised for on their social media channels or websites and is one you could benefit from. As a brand ambassador of a company, you would be given the task of using their products and then be marketing them by posting positive reviews online, talking to people about them and generally spreading a good word around to help boost their sales. This is a particularly incredible option for those with bigger social circles, as reviews are more likely to reach a wider audience, thus increasing chances of companies coming back for more.

Start a Blog – Blogging has become more popular than ever, with people starting small-scale as hobbies to making a full-time career out of it. With time, bloggers and social media influences have increasingly become great targets for companies to promote their products through.
By starting a blog on a theme that interests you, you could attract relevant companies to work with you for their marketing purposes. For example, if you enjoy food and trying new cuisines, you could start a food blog to post reviews. Restaurant owners would then extend you invitations to come over and try their special dishes, to spread the word among your social media followers. If your interest lies in cosmetics, you could start a make-up blog and attract companies to send packages of their make-up ranges for you to try and review.
Blogs can be written, documented through photos or published through videos, choose what works best for you. Your subject of interest combined with the most suitable medium to portray your personality are the two most important aspects you need to make your blog a super hit!

Subscribe to Loyalty Programs – Another increasingly popular trend companies have been following is starting a loyalty program. By joining one of these programs, consumers are given a loyalty card. Sometimes, different brands even collaborate to offer the perks to loyalty card holders in order to attract more people. These loyalty cards offer many benefits to subscribers. Every time a consumer makes a purchase, they can earn points on their card; these points can then be converted into money and can be used to buy products for free. Stores even offer exclusive discounts and offers such as ‘buy one, get one free’ or ‘buy one, get half off the next’ for their loyalty card holders. This is a simple and easy way to gain some fantastic discounts and freebies!

Well then, there you have it! Wait no more and refrain from spending a penny more than you have to. The world of freebies is at your fingertips so make the most of it and make some giant contributions to your savings and keep on checking out our freebies section to be kept updated on the latest free deals out there.

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